What You Need to Learn about R4 DSi

Many people do not really know how the R4 DSi works. This is a flash cartridge that can run games which can be used in the Nintendo DSi game consoles. Through R4 DSi, you can play more games on your console. The good thing about this flash cartridge is that it can run any games without the fear of getting destroyed. Moreover, the memory card reader used also reads the same file extension in the files used for the console, which is .NDS. This enables you to move date from one console to another without risking any data loss.

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The Nintendo DSi R4 card looks the same as the DS card because they have the same size. Through the use of this card, you can move the files in your Nintendo DSi R4. Moreover, you can enjoy more than just plain games. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and read your favorite novels through your DS. There is a long list of applications that you can use on your gaming console. You can now have access to more game console solutions. 

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You can now save more files on your console. You can do things like download games, songs, movies and software to R4 Si. There are multimedia players that you can install on your DS so you can enjoy your files later. The R4 DSi is available in various forms such as DS R4 and R4 cars. The good thing is that this device no longer needs additional boot up software. Every file that you would like to save can be directly saved to the micro SD card.

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R4 3DS Alternative - AceKard 3

AceKard 3 3DSThe Acekard 3 is a release from Nintendo 3DS for using this device you don’t need to flash your consoles memory or use a passme device in order to use it. The formats supported by the device area N3DS, DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS. Acekard 3DS saves the Nintendo 3DS Roms data directly onto your memory card. It is not required by us to select the save types manually.

Official Site : www.AceKard 3.com

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