AK2i with a 3DS compatible firmware update

AceKard 3 3DSThe Acekard 3 is a release from Nintendo 3DS for using this device you don’t need to flash your consoles memory or use a passme device in order to use it. The formats supported by the device area N3DS, DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS. Acekard 3DS saves the Nintendo 3DS Roms data directly onto your memory card. It is not required by us to select the save types manually. The saved files are compatible with all other flash cards as well. What we have to keep in mind while saving the data is that we must make sure that the file has been named with a proper prefix name and put into the same directory of files.

AceKard 2i 3DS R4

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Acekard R4 3dsThen we can just access the software directly by running the files that have been saved.
Acekard 2i features a very useful and innovative feature. Whenever you want software to be installed on the card all that has to be done is a simple drag drop feature, onto the memory card.
The Acekard 2i has a built in trimming feature that trims any unnecessary data that may be included along with the software onto the card.

acekard3 ak3The Acekard 2i 3DS Flash Card also gives the user a I phone type experience by providing the required GUI and functions to the users.
All in all, the Acekard 2i works just like any Acekard. The best feature is that it works both on DS/DSLite and the new DSi.
The GUI contains a lot of added interactive features. The only problem is that we do not know the full potential of the Acekard 2i and until its potential is exploited the clouds of uncertainty will loom over its success.

Official Site : www.AceKard 3.com

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